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Anzio Ironworks specializes in high quality 50 BMG Rifles and Ammunition.



Barrett M82 Upgrades*






We Export - Anzio Ironworks specializes in high quality 50 BMG Rifles and Ammunition.

We Export.







After two years of research and testing we have developed a match trigger for the M82. This trigger significantlyreduces trigger take-up to give the shooter a more refined and predictable trigger pull. The new Anzio M82 trigger also greatly reduces trigger pull weight to a much more precise 2.5 to 3 pound pull. The Anzio M82 trigger is installed by Anzio Ironworks and every weapon is test fired by our gunsmith to assure maximum smoothness. Each trigger is hand polished to deliver the crispness required for the most demanding shooting situations.

Anzio M82 Match Trigger $650 + shipping/insurance
To complement the new Anzio M82 trigger we have developed the Anzio M82 weapon stabilization system. The weight and recoil of large 50bmg rifles tends to move the weapon around and move the shooter from his original firing position negatively affecting accuracy. We have significantly improved the firing position by moving the standard equipment M82 bipod to the forward / top receiver position over the barrel. By adding spring pressure to the bipod and moving it above the weapon the M82's balance is significantly improved and handling of the weapon by both experienced and inexperienced shooters leads to noticeably easier accurate shots. In addition to all these upgrades our shooters still weren't happy and sought to reduce the range of motion of the recoiling barrel of the M82 to increase accuracy even further. The Barrett Corporation made a wonderful mil-spec semi-auto 50 caliber rifle and with the Anzio upgrades this weapon has now become easier to shoot and significantly more accurate. While ammunition and shooter ability are important, our technicians at Anzio Ironworks have removed the mechanical constraints to allow you the shooter to deliver consistent long range accuracy. This system is designed for newer style M-82 rifles with the full length mounting rail but we can retrofit older models to the new M82 look to work with our system for an extra $300.


Anzio M82 weapon stabilization system $650 + shipping/insurance
  • GET both the match trigger and stabilization system for a package price of $1200 + shipping/insurance.
  • We are so sure that you will be completely satisfied with your new M82 performance that we offer a guaranteed 30-50% improvement in accuracy out of your Anzio improved M-82.
  • Other M-82 services include:
    • Titanium fishgill brake $600 installed.
    • Cerracoat refinishing $375
    • Rebarrelling with Chrome lined chamber $1900
    • CQB conversion $2000
    • Cryo treating barrel and action $250


*** Repair and refurbishing available for police departments, government agencies and civilian shooters ***

Special optics packages coming soon.

We have full machine shop and gunsmith capabilities so if you are willing to pay for a higher level of performance we can meet the most unusual requests.



































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