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Anzio Ironworks Hunting Photos

Anzio 50 Cal guns
Hunting with Amanzi Safari in South Africa
Burt Menninger with a trophy Greater Kudu
Anzio Hunting Rifles

Beautiful Gemsbok in South Africa
 Left - Jaco Vanden Berg (guide); Center - Lin Menninger;
 Right - Shooter Burt Menninger with Anzio Lightweight 50

An Asian Water Buffalo brought down with an Anzio Lightweight 50!
Keith from Florida with the Asian Water Buffalo that he took at Big Cypress with his Anzio Lightweight 50. His favorite hunting bullets are the Barnes TSX Triple Shock soft points and the Barnes Triple Banded solids -- both at 570 grains. Looking forward to more pics of him shooting his Anzio in Alaska.
Leo from NY, Buffalo at 600 yards with monopod on his Anzio LW50
Buffalo hunt guide bags his with standing up shot at 400 yards with borrowed Anzio LW50.
Rudy in MI, "Fell over like a sheet of plywood" heavy brush no problem with his Anzio LW50.
Virgle in AK, Bear shot at 502 yards with his Anzio50.







































































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